About Us

The Oriental Allure is based in Sydney.
We have changed our main website URL to kbeautyworld.com.au to reflect our core business principles in carefully searching and supplying the best K-Beauty products to Australian.
Our journey started back in 2010 with beauty self-aspiring after the East Asian’s skincare products and cosmetics to nourish and take good care of skin. We have then reached out to friends and others to share our experience and introduce our discovery in a new trend and a good quality of skincare products and cosmetics. Previously called Sugardolls Shopaholic, we focused, sorted and delivered Korean quality to a small group of customers in Australia via social media network and our Facebook Fan page ‘SugarDolls’ which has lived since then. 
Over years, we have realized the true power of Korean makeup and skincare products that help our customers enjoying their everyday beauty and healthy glowing skins. We continue to grow and offer quality skin care treatments and cosmetics, not only renowned brands but also fineness and trendy items, directly from manufacturing sources in South Korea.
To reflect a distinctive character of products discovered and supplied by us, we are now officially trading under ‘the Oriental Allure’ name. We promise to continuously offer reliable quality and variety of Korean beauty products for your enjoyable experience and satisfaction in daily make-up and skincare.
Thanks to all of our valued customers for your trust in us. 
Your continued patronages and suggestions are the vital part of our future growth.
And for that, we highly appreciate and are most grateful !!